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Measure37 Information Search

  1. Get a copy of the property's current deed.
  2. Get the property's chain of title from a title company.
    Note: The chain of title is supporting evidence for the Measure 37 claim. The chain of title issued from a title company must be turned into the Polk County Community Development Department at the time of submission of the claim and within 30 days of the title company issuing the report. Label the deed “Exhibit A”. If there are multiple deed documents, label “Exhibit A-1”, “Exhibit A-2”, etc., from the most current back through time to the relevant document of ownership.

 Title companies regularly conducting business within Polk County*:   

* Not Necessarily an endorsement of any particular company.

  1. Print a map of the property with the current zoning (i.e. FF - Farm Forest) and map number (i.e. township, range, section, quarter, quarter, taxlot).  
    Click Here to go to Polk County's Interactive Mapping Site
    Click Here for HELP with the Polk County Interactive Mapping Site

  1. Read the current zoning description of the property to know current regulations on the property.  
    Click Here for current zoning descriptions.

  1. Enter the map number (see STEP 2: MAP THE PROPERTY) of the property in the first box (i.e. 7.3.9BC or 7.5.20 - T.R.SQQ).
  2. Enter the date the property was acquired(see STEP 1: DEED SEARCH ) in the second box (i.e. 1/12/1973).
  3. Click the search button.
 Find historical zoning maps where the mapnumber is    and the date is before
Disclaimer: This site is in progress.  We believe it to be accurate.  Please contact the Polk County Community Development Department if you believe the property you are searching for is not properly depicted.

  1. Select the applicable zone abbreviation from the drop-down list below.  Highlight the zone from the historical zoning identified in STEP 4: FIND HISTORICAL ZONING above.       


  Find the historical zone chapter with an abbreviation of     <% function cmdFindChapter.onclick() msgbox("Testing") end function %>  

 STEP 6:
  1. In the first box (automatically filled see STEP 5: ZONE CHAPTER LOOKUP) enter the zone chapter (i.e. 125).
  2. In the second drop-down box, choose the type of ordinance change. If you are unsure use the default option 'Select All'.
    Change in definition: This represents a change in the language or text of the ordinance and does not reflect a change in the zoning of your property. It could, however, change the uses allowed on your property or the criteria used to determine if a use is allowed or if the property could be divided or if a house would be permitted. For example the PA zone was modified to allow restaurants, or the minimum lot size in the EFU zone was changed from 20 to 80 acres.
    Change in multiple properties: This means that a legislative zone change was adopted and applied to the entire county by the ordinance. It does not mean that the zoning on all property was changed, but on specific classes of property. For example, 6000 acres was changed from AF to FF or EFU or TC.
    Change in single property: This typically means that a property owner applied to the county for a change in the zoning of property and the ordinance implements that request. For example, Joe Martinez applied to change his property from SR to CG.
    Change in definition and property: This means that a new zone district was initiated or modified and zoning of property was changed in the adoption of the ordinance. For example, the FF zone was created and the zone was allied to 40,000 acres of property that was formerly zoned AF. 
    Select All : This will show all types of ordinances.
  3. Enter the date (usually the date the property was acquired) to search for in the last box (i.e. 12/12/1973).
    Note: If the property was inherited please search both the date the property was inherited and then the date the relative acquired the property.  Ask the Polk County Community Development Department if you have questions.
  4. Click the search button.


 Find ordinances where  

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